Online games rule the roost today and has changed the meaning of the word ‘games’, absolutely. Earlier, games were solely an outdoor activity. Now almost all the games played outdoors are played inside the house before a computer or gaming consoles.

Addictive games are referred so, as children tend to spend continuous hours hooked to the games. They have become so popular due to its free availability and numerous choices online. Boys and girls can pick games of their taste since internet has games suitable for all.

Adventurous racing games are favorites with boys while girls like to dress up their dolls in various costumes. Addictive games even though is called so, is not without any benefits. They are good brain teasers and promote logical thinking. They improve the ability to take แทงบอลออนไลน์ decisions. Anything is bad if had too much, and addictive games are no exception!

Ben 10 games rank first among addictive games. A mixture of adventure and action they are a favorite with boys. 15 year old Ben is the hero of the game. An ordinary boy like anyone else, Ben accidentally gets his hand on the alien tool called Omnitrix. It endows him with the power to transform himself as 10 alien forms. He fights evil in different forms. The idea has clicked so well with adventure loving boys, which has made the game a hit around the world. The game has been found to instill reasoning power in children.

The various characters and plots make them distinguish good and bad. It encourages them to act as responsible persons. Ben has a sympathetic human side with him. The dominating sister of Ben continuously nags him! Now which boy would tolerate a pestering sister! Ben is hero among boys for his heroic deeds and of course for owning the Omnitrix.

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