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Smoking restrictions will be phased in, with a ban on smoking in NHS and government buildings by 2006, in enclosed public places by 2007, and with the restrictions on smoking in licensed premises introduced by the end of 2008

Jo Revill and Lorna Martin,
Sunday October 17, 2004
The Observer
Smoking in all restaurants and bars where food is served is set to be banned under radical proposals being considered by ministers as an alternative to a full-scale smoking ban in England and Wales

Research indicates that smoking related litter is the most frequently found type of litter. This is likely to be because of the growth in the number of no smoking areas indoors. However many people are averse to using conventional bins for matches and cigarette ends because of a perceived fire risk. Duty bodies may wish to provide or encourage the use of cigarette bins with large stubber plates or else disposal facilities specifically designed to take matches and cigarette ends. This is especially relevant outside offices, shops, transport facilities and other places where smoking is not permitted.

Health Minister Steve Rodan said in September it was 'only a matter of time' before a ban was introduced. He said the case for providing smoke-free workplaces and public spaces was 'overwhelming' and the issue was now simply how to do it. .

Italy has banned smoking in restaurants starting January 10, 2005.

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Ten reasons to make public places smoke free

Don't give up giving up

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Ash collection bin, fire proof steel design, enables safe ash collection, lid automatically closes when handle is lifted preventing accidental fires, powder coated steel construction.

Ash collection bin


Body dimensions diameter 10" x tall 10" overall height 15"

Product: Ash Collection Bin £19.99 inc.
Product Code: AshColBin
ash collection bin open  


If you have a 'no smoking' policy you will need one of these

Cigarette disposal is becoming an issue as more and more public and private buildings are becoming non smoking. A semblance of a smoking ban is to be introduced to a third of the UKs pubs, according to press reports. Five of the UKs pub chains, which run around 22,000 bars, will voluntarily banish smoking in 80% of their floor space. A self imposed smoking boycott may stave off an all out UK Government ban, either way you will be obliged to offer a receptacle to collect the cigarette butts from your customers as they enter your premises.


The smoking ban when eventually implemented will possibly increase the problem of cigarette litter in the surrounding streets, council and local authorities will look favorably on business owners taking the initiative by installing a butt bin outside their premises.

Where do your visitors and employees put their cigarette ends before entering your office, building, restaurant or shop ?
Littering fines sweep the UK Smokers throughout the UK are now at risk of being fined 50 for dropping cigarette butts in the street.

Ideal for use inside or outside your no smoking office, no smoking factory, no smoking pub, no smoking hotel, designated smoking area or no smoking restaurant, our wall mounted cigarette disposal bin fitted to an exterior wall discourages smokers from entering your no smoking building before first extinguishing their cigarette.

Prevents unsightly littering and ash dirt associated with cigarette butts, outside the entrance door to your premises.

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